About Us

Born in Argentina and raised in Miami, Jewelry designer Carolina Loyola, was exposed to the world of jewelry design, at an early age, by her mother who served as her mentor. Carolina's mother, also a jewelry designer, guided her and continuously surrounded her with beautiful art, classically elegant style and pure creativity while growing up. This allowed her to appreciate and build a special love and passion for the world of fashion, accessories and most of all jewelry. Throughout her life, Carolina was driven to explore her creative side in designing jewelry, as she immersed herself in photography and traveled around the world.

She graduated from Boston University with a major in Advertising and began designing as a hobby while working full time. While visiting the Far East, she was inspired to create her first collection.

I consider my pieces and style to be “Bohemian Chic," says Loyola. I love color and you will see that in all my collections. Carolina handpicks all her stones for her collections which come from all parts of the world. All stone is natural and either precious or semi-precious. All wire used in the making is either 14K gold-filled or sterling silver material.

Carolina’s work has been featured in several notable presses such as InStyle, Ocean Drive, and Artful-Living.

Behind each Carolina Loyola design is a story inspired by world cultures, nature and beauty.